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Crystal Cruise Line Review

Crystal Cruises Symphony in New York

Symphony: Overview
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Crystal Cruises Symphony is the perfect name for this ship, with its upscale design and lavish accommodations this vessel meets the six-star rating it is known for.  The 461 stateroom vessel is well equipped to hold the 922 guests onboard for an elegant adventure to the destination of your choice.  Symphony has been having guests ooh and aah for many years now and has won numerous awards for their great service and reputation of pleasing the passengers.

Over half of the staterooms on Crystal Cruises Symphony have a private veranda.  These rooms are some of the tops in the cruise line business and have recently been refurbished in 2009 with all new decor. The crew seems to always be eager to assist with any issues that may arise and with an outstanding 1.64 guest to 1 staff ratio there is always someone available.

The cuisine onboard Crystal’s Symphony is exquisite.  If you are looking for a prime cut steak that melts in your mouth, you are sure to find it, along with the perfect wine pairing.  If you just wanted something more casual like a hot or pizza you can find it with ease at the Trident Bar & Grill.

Symphony, like her sister Serenity, is a premium all-inclusive experience that is sure to not let anyone down that is looking to cruise in style.

Symphony: Passengers
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Guests that are sailing on the Crystal cruise line will be upward of 60 years old.  Most are retirees and have sailed multiple times aboard many other cruise lines.  Majority of the guests onboard will be English speaking.

Symphony: Dress Code
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Throughout the day guest onboard will be wearing a mixture of active resort wear.  Dining room attire during the day is casual, but baseball hats and swimsuits are not appropriate.

Dining at night on a Crystal cruise has a specific dress code for areas of the ship that applies after 6pm.  The three codes of attire are formal, informal, and casual.  Formal attire is a tuxedo or dark suit and tie for men, and women should wear dresses or gowns.  Informal attire is most evenings aboard this ships and for ladies is a cocktail dress or pantsuit and for men is suits or sport coats and slacks.  Casual attire for women would be a casual dress or pantsuit and for men can be a polo and slacks for men.  At no point are baseball caps and shorts permitted after 6 pm.

Symphony: Gratuity
Crystal Cruise line Review

Crystal Cruises views that tipping is a personal matter and should be handled by the guest.  They suggest a tip of $5 per guest per day when it comes to the waitstaff or butler service.  If you dine at a specialty restaurant they suggest a $7 per guest, per dinner tip.  A 15% gratuity will automatically added for all bar drinks and wine.  (Coming in spring of 2012, Crystal Cruises goes all-inclusive, so gratuities will be included).

Symphony: Dining
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Crystal Dining Room, Prego, Silk Road and The Sushi Bar, The Vintage Room, The Bistro, Trident Bar & Grill, Lido Cafe, Afternoon Tea in Palm Court.

Symphony: Cabins
Crystal Cruise Line Review

The Symphony staterooms available are: Crystal Penthouse, Penthouse Suites, Penthouse with verandah, Deluxe Stateroom with verandah, Deluxe Stateroom.

Symphony: Itineraries
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Hawaii, Pacific Coast, Northern Europe, Asia, Mediterranean, Alaska, Canada, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Transoceanic.

Symphony: Entertainment
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Casino, Complimentary Dance Classes, Pool, Bridge Instructor, Library, Musical Reviews and Broadway Production Shows, Internet Center, Full Orchestra at Galaxy Lounge, Shopping, Seminars, Spa and Films at the Hollywood Theatre.

Symphony: Fitness
Crystal Cruise Line Review

Sauna and Steam Room, Weight Room, Golf Driving Range, Beauty Salon, Massages, Fitness Center, Tennis Court, Seahorse Pool.