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Queen Victoria

Cunard's Queen Victoria Review

Queen Victoria: Overview
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Queen Victoria is the 2nd to last to join the Cunard fleet in December 2007.  She is more like her sister Queen Elizabeth and a little different from Queen Mary 2, but like all three vessels she proudly upholds the famous heritage and traditions expected from the Cunard brand.  With magnificent woods, marbles, soft furnishings, plush carpets and rich fabrics this vessel simply exudes elegance.  Queen Victoria’s has many distractions and diversions to ensure you are thoroughly entertained and extremely relaxed as you cruise on this wonderful ship.

Queen Victoria: Passengers
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Queen Victoria’s passengers will be of the semi-retired and retired age, starting from their mid to late 40’s.  Most of the passengers on board will be speaking English and haven sailed several different cruise lines before. Kids are are welcome on board, along with dogs (which can be kept in the kennel).

Queen Victoria: Dress Code
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Guest on board Queen Victoria during the day will be wearing casual attire. At no time are bathing suits or sandals allowed in the restaurant or dining areas of the vessel.

There are three codes of attire while on the Queen Victoria and they are formal, informal, and casual. You will be informed when there are specific nights that will be for formal wear in the dining areas. Formal attire for women would be elegant dresses or gowns. Men should wear a tuxedo if they have one available. If they do not, then a dark colored suit and tie would work fine. Informal attire on board the vessel for men would be a sport coats and slacks or suit, and for ladies it would be a cocktail dress or pantsuit. Casual attire for women would also be a pantsuit or casual dress and for men can be a polo and slacks or a button up shirt. Shorts and baseball caps will not be permitted in the restaurants.

Queen Victoria: Gratuity
Cunard Cruise line Review

Gratuities will be automatically charged to your shipboard account for dining rooms and other personnel. You may tip more if you feel the service was exceptional. The per person rates, per day (including children) are $13 for accommodations with Grill dining and $11 for passengers who dine in the restaurants. Talk to the front desk about adjustments if you need assistance. Gratuity of 15% will be added for all drinks and wine at the bars and lounges. Spa attendants and casino dealers don’t share in the gratuities and should be tipped separately at an appropriate amount.

Queen Victoria: Dining
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Britannia Restaurant, Queens Grill, Princess Grill, Todd English, King’s Court, Cafe Carinthia, Lido Restaurant, Courtyard, Queens Room and Golden Lion.

Queen Victoria: Cabins
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Queen Victoria staterooms available are: Grand Suites, Master Suites, Penthouse, Queens Suites, Princess Suites, Balcony, Oceanview, Deluxe Inside and Standard Inside.

Queen Victoria: Itineraries
Cunard Cruise Line Review

The Americas, Iberia & Canary Islands, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, The Baltic, Hawaii, Canada, Iceland, British Isles, Asia, Panama Canal, Australia, World Voyages and Transoceanic.

Queen Victoria: Entertainment
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Boutiques, Dance Clubs, Historical Display, Fencing, Pool, Empire Casino, Library, Ballroom Dance Instructor, Musical Reviews and Production Shows, Internet Center, Seminars, Spa, Stargazing, Afternoon Tea and Illuminations.

Queen Victoria: Fitness
Cunard Cruise Line Review

Queen Victoria has indoor pools, a gym, spa treatments, aerobics, pilates and yoga classes. You will also be given a Daily Program while on board listing all activities. Your exercise can also be complemented by the healthy options menu at all meals.