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Voyages To Antiquity

Voyages To Antiquity

Voyages To Antiquity is formerly Orient Lines and operates 1 mid-sized vessel named the Aegean Odyssey. They currently cruise the Mediterranean and the Orient. They do cruising a little differently from most other lines, where they focus heavily on the historical factor of each port rather than just having a few limited shore excursions. The bonus to this is that all the excursions are included into the pricing, so you won’t have to dish out some extra cash while on board to take one of their magnificent tours.

Before you get into the port they will have a lecture while you are at sea to brush up on the history you are about to dive into. This will get you properly prepared for the excursion they offer. You will be informed of some great parts of history that you normally would miss.

The Aegean Odyssey recently underwent a renovation to increase the room sizes and give every cabin the touches of modern technology needed to make the guests feel as comfortable as possible while on the ship. The ship now holds 350 passengers to give that exclusive feeling amongst the passengers. This also allows everyone to become familiar with each other during the cruise.

In all if you are looking for a cruise line that focuses more on the experience you will have while in port, then Voyages To Antiquity is your cruise line. They are for the more active cruiser that can still get around and take their shore excursion tours.

Voyages To Antiquity


The Aegean Odyssey

Aegean Odyssey

Aegean Odyssey: Overview Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review Voyages to Antiquity is in a very unique category of their own, with only one ship the Aegean Odyssey. It is a mid-sized ship that recently went under renovations to increase the room sizes. She now can carry an average of 350 guests to give everyone …

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