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Aegean Odyssey

Aegean Odyssey: Overview
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

Voyages to Antiquity is in a very unique category of their own, with only one ship the Aegean Odyssey. It is a mid-sized ship that recently went under renovations to increase the room sizes. She now can carry an average of 350 guests to give everyone a more comfortable and intimate cruise.

Far from stuffy and formal the Aegean Odyssey is seen more as a classical elegant and has been designed to offer the avid cruiser every comfort imaginable while at sea. The recent renovations have given the Aegean Odyssey a little more of a first class ship feel with more modern conveniences expected while on long journeys.

With being a mid-sized ship, the Aegean Odyssey can enter more intimate ports to get you up close and personal like in the heart of Bangkok, Yangon and Ho Minh City. Her size also allows her to navigate close to the islands of the Adriatic and Mediterranean giving you a very scenic and unforgettable view.

While you are on board you have access to a library, 2 restaurants and an outdoor terrace for dining, 3 lounges, 4 bars, lecture center, pool, spa and so much more. If you like smaller, more intimate ships then the Aegean Odyssey is for you.

Aegean Odyssey: Passengers
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

Guests on board the Aegean Odyssey will be mostly in their mid 50’s and up. They will have experienced most cruise lines and enjoy the more intimate ships where they can get to know the other guests.

Aegean Odyssey: Dress Code
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

The dress code while cruising on board the Aegean Odyssey during the day is country club casual. Guests are wanted to feel comfortable at all times, especially if they are in port and will be going on the included shore excursions.

During the evening for dinner it is recommended to be a little more dressed up with men wearing slacks and a suit jacket. A tie is not required, but can be worn if they want to. For women they can wear a dress or pants suit.

Aegean Odyssey: Gratuity
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

Voyages to Antiquity

The Aegean Odyssey

Aegean Odyssey operates a “cashless” system while on board. They will charge your cabin account and you will pay the final bill at the end of the trip. Gratuities for dinner are included in your cruise fare, so no need to worry about them. If you wish to tip an additional amount you may do so if you deem appropriate for exceptional services received.

Aegean Odyssey: Dining
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

All dining is open seating at the Marco Polo, Terrace Cafe, Tapas on the Terrace, Afternoon Tea, Room Service and Late Night Snacks

Aegean Odyssey: Cabins
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

The available cabins are: Owner’s Suite with Balcony, Junior Suites with Balcony, Deluxe Stateroom with Balcony, Deluxe Stateroom, Premium Outside, Standard Outside, Premium Inside and Standard Inside.

Aegean Odyssey: Itineraries
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

They currently only go to the Mediterranean and the Orient.

Aegean Odyssey: Entertainment
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

Lounges, Bars, Beauty Salon, Shopping, Internet Center, Lecture Theater, Library, Outdoor Pool, Suana, Massages, Spa and Jacuzzi.

Aegean Odyssey: Fitness
Voyages To Antiquity Cruise Line Review

Weight Room, Yoga, Swimming and Gym