Aug 15

Norwegian Cruise Line Alters Smoking Policy

Norwegian Cruise Line Alters Smoking Policy

It was announced today by Norwegian Cruise Line, that they will be altering the smoking policy for its entire fleet of ships.  This is due to the changing guest preferences for smoking on board cruise ships.

Changes are to officially take place January 2012 aboard all vessels.  The Norwegian Cruise Line smoking policy will no longer allow guest to smoke inside their stateroom.  If you have a stateroom with a balcony, you will be allowed to smoke cigarettes on it, but not cigars or pipes.  Ashtrays are available for your balconies and are available upon

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Norwegian Cruise Line has restricted smoking aboard their fleet of ships.

request form the housekeeping staff.

Smoking will still be allowed in the casino and ashtrays with signage will be in place.  It will not be permitted in the more general areas including conference room, bars, restaurants, staircases or corridors.  Guests are allowed to smoke in the cigar bars, which are only on a handful of ships in their fleet.

Guests are allowed to smoke cigarettes, cigars and pipes in all of the outdoor locations, unless it is next to areas serving food, children’s pool, jogging track, sport complex or in The Haven outdoor areas.