Feb 29

Royal Caribbean’s Sunshine Class Adds New Cruise Ship

A new ship for Royal Caribbean will be available in the spring of 2015. Royal Caribbean announced this news for the new ship Feb 29, 2012. They had exercised the option to build the 4,100 passenger vessel, which will be in the Sunshine class. The ship’s tonnage will be 158,000, like the current ship that is being built. The cost of the new ship is roughly $938 million at the current exchange rate. The first Sunshine class ship will be delivered in the fall of 2014 by the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany, who will also be building the second vessel as well.

This is great news for Royal Caribbean and the cruise industry as it seems the past few months have been riddled with negative news, leaving a black eye on the cruising world. Royal Caribbean feels confident enough to move ahead with this project, which puts some pressure on other cruise lines to either look into building new ships or renovating the ones that they currently have. This will be nothing but good things for avid or fist time cruisers who have been reading the news and seeing nothing but negative news in the past few months. This will surely put there minds at ease, that the cruise industry is stronger than ever and growing everyday.

Sunshine Class

Expect more like this from Royal Caribbean with the new Sunshine class coming in 2014 and 2015.

These will be the newest ships for Royal Caribbean since the creation of the 5,400 passenger Allure of the Seas back in 2010. This shows that the company is in a good position to make an impact on the cruise line market again, as they also could be adding 2 more additional ships to the Sunshine class, totaling 4 in all. Chairman Richard Fain of Royal Caribbean commented on the decision to build the second Sunshine class ship, “This confirms our continued confidence in the success of this new generation of ships and our strong conviction about the Royal Caribbean International brand.”

Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenberg, Germany has been busy lately with the recent construction of the new Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream. They had also built all of the the recent Celebrity Solstice class ships, which have been getting rave reviews. It has been many years since the last time Royal Caribbean has built a ship in Germany and we will be eagerly awaiting these new vessels.

It will be interesting to see what features and amenities Royal Caribbean will add to the Sunshine class that will set it apart from the other vessels they have, but it should be something spectacular. Since the Allure and Oasis of the Seas were built, Royal Caribbean has always had something up their sleeve to help bring on the first time cruisers or even experienced cruisers, as everyone will want to get a look at the new Sunshine class ships first hand.

While the Sunshine class will hold only 4,100 guest compared to the Allure and Oasis at 5,400 it will surely get a massive amount of attention from cruisers whenever it is ready for the maiden voyage. I know I will be trying to get a cabin for what is shaping up to be a good few years in the “new ship” category for Royal Caribbean.