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Top 10 Cruise Message Boards

Top 10 Cruise Message Boards

Cruise message boards or cruise discussion boards are found all over the Internet trying to help a first time cruiser or an experienced cruiser with any of their questions or concerns.  This brought on some curiosity as to what cruise message boards were best out there. (Click the header of each section to view website)

10. Cruise Talk

This site rounds out our top 10 cruise message boards list with its informative topics for someone looking for an answer to their question.  Cruise Talk shows you 14 different topics that you can chose from to dive into further.  Some of the cruise forum topics are; Cruise Line, Cruise Videos, Young Cruisers and Ports of Call & Destinations.  It gives you a brief description of each topic and what to expect when you enter each forum.

When you are in a cruise forum it just gives you each topic that people have started.  There is no way to search for terms or questions you are looking for, so it can be a little frustrating trying to find the info you want.  It is pretty active as you can see that there are a lot of people in the forums posting on a recent basis.

9. Cruise Buggiecruise discussion boards

This is a very clean looking site with a lot of different cruise forums to choose from.  Cruise Buggie has its main forums at the top of the page.  Underneath the main forum, there is another section for each individual cruise line, past and present.  Once you scroll past that, there is another forum for Ports of Call around the world and then a separate forum for ports in the United States.

You are able to search the cruise forum, which is a great tool to use.  There currently are only 2,735 registered users, so response time is a little sluggish and some topics have not been answered in months or even years.  There are a lot of topics in this forum, so you are able to find almost everything you need.

8. SinglesCruise.com

If you are single and looking for some cruise info, then this could be the site for you.  It is strictly for single cruisers with one forum open to people asking questions.  There is a separate singles cruise message board that they offer if you purchase one of their “singles only” cruises.  They will then also give you your own forum for everyone that is going to be on the cruise so that you can pre-mingle.

The cruise forum that is open to everyone doesn’t have any indexing of the topics or questions that people were asking, so it is a little overwhelming to look at.  There is a search option to use, but to post you need to be signed in.  There aren’t a lot of users for this forum, but the questions seemed to get answered within a few days of posting.

7. DISboards.com

This site is strictly for Disney Cruises.  With Disney being one of the most used “family” cruise lines around, this site holds a great amount of info to answer certain questions.  The Disney cruise message boards have a main forum with questions in no particular order.  It also gives you two separate sub-forums, Disney Cruise Meets, where you can meet up with other people going on the same cruise as you and a Trip Report section to give proper feedback on recent Disney cruises.

The forum doesn’t break it down into separate topics, so the information is a little jumbled around.  You are better off using the search button located in one of the menu bars.  This site is very active with a lot of quick replies to questions asked.  If you are cruising on Disney, then you should have your question answered here.

6. Cruise Line Fans

One of the cleanest looking cruise message boards around, Cruise Line Fans is extremely informative.  Each forum is listed out with a small description about the area.  It also shows the sub-forums that are in each main forum.  For instance the forum Cruise Places gives you a description of it, then shows multiple links for the sub-forums to different destinations.  This is great so that you can skip a step or two and go directly to the area you need.

This is one of the better cruise message boards around with almost around 30,000 members.  They are very active on the site ad helpful.  With all of the info it is easy to find your answer and more for your cruise.

5. Cruise Reviews

Like most other cruise message boards, Cruise Reviews holds a lot of info with around 30,000 registered users.  The forum is broken up into different topics like Cruise Lines, Port Chat and General Questions.  It is easy to manage and get around on.

The cruise forum sections need to be broken down a little further.  For instance under Cruise Lines it lists some ships individually for their own forum, but then clumps some other major cruise lines that should have their own forum into an “All Other Cruise Lines” forum.  Questions do get answered, but it seems that most are a one or two day turn around before something comes up.

4. Cruise @ddicts

With one of the higher registered users, just under 50,000, Cruise Addicts has the answer to most questions.  It seems to be a place where a lot of cruise enthusiasts go to talk about cruise lines or get the most up to date info on the ships and feedback from passengers.

The site is easy to navigate and has a lot of replies to the questions or comments posted.  It feels like a true community on this cruise message board.  They break down the forums pretty well, but leave out some areas like in the “Cruise Lines” section they only have 6 different cruise lines listed.  To find questions on the other ships you will need to search for them.

3. Cruising Talk

One of the better cruise message boards around the web.  Forums come first on this site, making it a direct resource for people that want to talk about cruising.  The site is extremely easy to navigate.  The forums are all broken down very well with a lot of sub domains to make searching for your question even easier.

Cruising Talk does want you to register for full access to their site, which would be beneficial if you are an avid cruiser.  The site only has around 15,000 users and questions get answered within about a day at the latest.  Everyone on the site really knows their stuff as well and will give you the answer or point you in the right direction.

2. Cruisemates

A very clean-cut cruise forum that has many main categories, starting with every cruise line available, Cruisemates has a vast amount of information.  It then breaks it down into a practical advice section where a first time cruiser or experienced cruiser can get the answers they need.

Cruisemates has just fewer than 60,000 registered users that are very knowledgeable.  The site has a lot of updating and answering of post daily, so questions won’t go unanswered making this cruise discussion board one of the better cruise forums out there.

1. Cruise Critic

If you are looking for the best of all the cruise message boards, look no further than Cruise Critic.  With its easy to read, non-confusing website development, you are sure to find anything you are looking for here.  Each cruise forum is laid out perfectly with multiple sub-forums underneath them.

With the unbelievable registered member count at 745,000 and growing, CruiseCritic really does have the answer to any question asked.  The turn around time for a reply to a post is literally hours.  You can come on here to look at dress codes for the cruise line you will be on and end up getting all of the things you should do and not do while on the cruise.  This should be your only stop for any cruise questions.

Hopefully this insight into the Top 10 Cruise Message Boards was insightful and will help you in your task of finding that perfect answer to your question.