Feb 16

Top 4 Reasons to Cruise Hurricane Season

To cruise hurricane season, or not seems to be a hot topic when summer is right around the corner. With hurricane season starting in June and running through November, people are always asking certain questions, like is it safe to cruise hurricane season? My answer to that is yes it is. Here are the top 4 reasons to cruise hurricane season this year.

1. Reduced Pricing – Cruise lines will reduce pricing during this time to entice people to fill the ships and go on vacation. Prices can hit all-time lows with up to 20 or 30 percent off. You will want to watch these prices very carefully on the cruise line you are interested in, as cabins will get booked quickly.

2. Special Amenities – Cruise lines will try to coax people to buy with an extra amenity while they are on the ship. This could be a shipboard credit, free dinner or coupon booklet to use at restaurants and shops on the ship. A lot of times these special amenities will be better acquired through a travel agency, since the cruise companies will work directly with them on special promotions.

cruise hurricane

Great discounts can be found if you cruise hurricane season.

3. Cruise Ship is Always Moving– If you book a land vacation down in the Caribbean and a hurricane hits, you will probably have to cancel the trip. If you do cruise hurricane season the ship is moving everyday to keep you out of reach of the hurricane. The Captain does not want to put in you harms way, so they will navigate the ship to safe areas. You probably won’t even realize that there is a hurricane going on while you are down there.

4. Fewer Crowds – For some reason certain people won’t cruise hurricane season. This is excellent for you! There will be fewer crowds in the ports that you visit. If you have ever been on a cruise before, then you know this can be a good thing. You will have quicker trips into town and entering/exiting the ship will be much easier too.

These are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to cruise hurricane season. They can be extremely beneficial for you, if you are looking for an affordable getaway to the Caribbean.

Here is a list of other important things to remember if you cruise hurricane season:

  • Never under estimate travel flight times or potential delays. Get to your embarkation port a day early. This will ensure that you are there and ready to board when you need to.
  • If your cruise schedule is altered and you have to stay an extra day at sea instead of going into port, most of the time you will receive the port fees refunded to you. This usually occurs in a shipboard credit to spend how you want.
  • Always have your passport and a photo of it. This will allow you to board the ship and the picture will be a useful backup in some of the ports you visit.
  • Travel insurance is key to have, especially if you cruise hurricane season. In case there is a cancellation or injury on board, it is easier to deal with the insurance company then the cruise line directly.
  • You should be flexible with your cruise vacation during this time. If the storm changes direction, the ship will adjust accordingly possibly missing a port or exchanging one out for another.