Sep 08

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Why do I need travel insurance?

Why do I need travel insurance is something that is asked a lot when going on a cruise.  There are so many different elements that can come into play before you leave for vacation, or while on it.

People like to have the assurance that if something does go wrong they will have that support from the travel insurance provider that they have picked.

While it is your option to get travel insurance, just remember that you are spending a lot of money on a cruise and it might be better to have the coverage than not to have it.

What does travel insurance cover?Why Do I Need Travel Insurance

Before making your decision on whether or not to get travel insurance, below are some areas that it will cover while on your cruise vacation.

Medical Expenses – When you least expect it you could injure yourself on board the cruise line or while exploring the ports.  This is the perfect situation for travel insurance.  You will receive treatment with little to no costs to you.  If you are in a country where you have to pay upfront at the hospital, your travel insurance provider will reimburse you for it.

Trip Cancellation – If anything happens to you or your cruising companion before the cruise sails, you will be able to cancel the cruise without an excessive penalty from the cruise line.  This will insure that you won’t lose out on the value of your trip, since nobody wants to pay for a vacation and not be able to go on it.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance
Lost Luggage, Don’t Worry

Baggage Delay/Baggage Loss– If you get off the plane and your bags aren’t there, don’t fear.  With travel insurance they will have your bags to you by the next port or two.  If the bags are totally lost, the insurance policy will cover the loss in full so go buy some new clothes.

Trip Delay/Missed Flight Connection – If anything happens while on the way to the airport or some sort of flight delay causing you to miss embarkation, travel insurance will assist you with getting on board your cruise at the next port.

Trip Interruption – If you are on your cruise vacation and the captain informs you that there are mechanical issues and the cruise can not continue, you along with the other hundreds of passengers will need to disembark at the next port.  This part of the travel policy will reimburse you for the hotel or any other out of pocket costs that you might have while arranging your flight back home.

Emergency Evacuation – If something drastic happens like a heart attack and you need to be taking by a helicopter to the hospital due to being too far out at sea, travel insurance would cover the costs of this.

Terrorism – If there are terrorist acts while you are on your trip, almost often than not you will be covered.  Read this portion closely as it might pertain to certain areas or a time length from embarkation.

What is not covered by travel insurance?

Weather – If the weather during your trip is storming the whole time you are unable to file a claim for this.  If your trip were impacted by a hurricane, this would fall under trip cancellation or trip delay.

Itinerary Changes – You are not able to file a claim if the itinerary is changed.  This happens sometimes during inclement weather to keep everyone safe.

Why Do I Need Travel Insurance
Inspect Your Travel Insurance Policy

Are there any travel insurance add-ons?

Yes there are additional add-ons for your travel policy, but research them well and determine if you will need them.

Car Rental Collision Coverage – This can be added on to your policy for $10 or less per day if you know you are renting a car while in port.

Cancel For Any Reason – Read the fine print if you get this add-on.  Some travel insurance providers will give you the full 100% reimbursement or 50% reimbursement.  These policies are usually on the more expensive side and should be looked at closely if you will need it or not.

Airline Accident Coverage – This add-on can be bought in increments of dollar coverage in case of an accident.

So to answer the question of why do I need travel insurance, the answer is simple.  To protect you in any instance that could interrupt your cruise vacation.  If you do decide to get travel insurance read over the policy very carefully to make sure what is exactly covered.